LED Lights

An LED light bar is a strip of LED lights that are installed on a vehicle. You should note that they are lightweight, energy efficient, and durable with long life expectancy. According to this website, they can be used for thousands of hours. This type of lighting can be used in various ways. However, it is great in supplementing the vehicle headlights. You will find them to be of great importance when driving in dark areas or at night.

tgwedc7huwed8i22The majority of motorists appreciate extra safety that comes with LED light bars and the aesthetic value they deliver. Also, they are quite popular because of different reasons over halogen lights and HID lights. For instance, they are long lasting as they do not rely on the filaments. Other benefits of these vehicle lights include no battery drain, efficient energy consumption, eco-friendliness, durability, and minimal emission of heat. The following are some of the things to consider when choosing these LED bar lights:

Choosing LED light bars


Off road bars are available in varying lengths that range from 6 inches to 60 inches. Thus, when you are looking at the size of the light bar, ensure you consider how mounting on the vehicle is done. In fact, it is a simple consideration, which can help you choose the appropriate size of the light.

Beam angle

It is advisable to select spot beams for on road driving and long reaching lights. For off road driving, you should choose flood beams. Moreover, you can choose a combination of these two patterns so that you can serve your requirement no matter where you drive.


These bars are available in square, round, and rectangular shapes. You should note that the shape affects the distribution of light, but it determines how you can mount it on the car. Also, you should choose a most suitable place to mount it. You should know how and where beforehand to choose the best shape that meets your needs.


tgwedc7uywedui8ii22LED light bars can be amber, white, blue, red white, and amber white. In this case, your personal preferences should guide you to choose the best color you want. However, each color has its pros and cons. For instance, white light bars are very bright but most blinding. Therefore, you need to weigh your options and select a color, which is both functional and suitable.


The brightness of these bars is measured in lumens. It varies from one bar to another.