Picturing Your Special Day



Today’s the day, the day you’ve dreamed of, ironically, while lying awake at night when you were a kid. Everything is meticulously set up according to plan as you smile thinking about the first day of the rest of your life.A smile on a day you will remember forever, recount stories to friends and family years to come, and show your children, and hopefully grand children, your wedding day photos.


22mncbmfkjnjkWith the ceremony about to begin, the looks of family, friends and loved ones who want to share this day with you should be captured at the moment. The groom’s radiant smile when he first sees his bride walk bravely down the aisle. The best man spinning on his back while people you know and love surround him, cheering him on.

These are the moments you want to remember.The importance of a wedding day photographer is one aspect you should not overlook in the coming months of your wedding date. With social media and easy access to personal marketing, anyone can call themselves a photographer these days.

Special occasion

All you need is a camera, and a means to show up on your special occasion. The key to success is research! Contact possible perspectives early on and get a feel for there style and if it fits your expectations. Make sure you shop around and cross reference to get a close enough estimate to what you are willing to spend. Remember, depending on the quality of service usually represents the going rate for a professional wedding photographer.

Wedding photographer

Hiring photographers that are set up locally and already associated with the local venues is a smart move. A lot of times a photographer has been hired to capture weddings at places you are looking at and may have a general layout of perfect spots to capture all of the important moments.

Ask for full wedding albums and see if you could replicate any photos previously taken. This could also bring you and the photographer closer, putting you on the same page. Another key to hiring a wedding photographer is professionalism.

Artistic style and creativity are important, but without a professional background, can you trust someone with the most important day of your life? A gold coast wedding photographer may have the perfect price and seem like a true artist with a camera, but lacking professionalism i.e. no website or successful blog and completed albums, you’re leaving the main piece to the day’s puzzle to chance.

And when chance can cost you well over seven hundred dollars, the money won’t be the worst part; it will be the moments you never wanted to forget, now missing forever. Lastly, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Packaged deals can sound enticing, but make sure your venue has enough room for an aerial drone or efficient enough lighting for the dance floor.

Day of your wedding

33nvknkjhjkhjAlso, confirm who will be shooting the day of your wedding. Some larger companies have freelancers, or new employees show up, leaving you wondering where the original photographer.

Remember, the key to the day is your happiness. Happiness that should be captured for you to look back on and smile the same way you did all those years ago. Enjoy the day knowing you’re in good hands, and the hands taking photos of you knows exactly what you want.