Tips On How To House Train Your Pet Dog

House training one’s dog requires patience and commitment. It is not something that will be achieved in a day or two. The dog owner should be committed to making it work for their dog.

The following are tips on how to house train your pet dog


One should work on establishing a particular routine for their dog to follow. They will know the times to play, eat and even poop. One should work on coming up with this routine and stick to it so that the dog will adapt and work on it.

Take the dog out frequently

The dog should be taken out frequently so that it knows it has to do its business outside. This can be done in the morning after waking up, after they play and after eating. This will help them to stick to doing their business outside.

Picking a spot to be used as a bathroom

When outside and it is time to do the business when they are out, one should make the dog get used to finishing its business on that spot. This is important since the dog will always associate that spot with doing its business. One can also couple the spot with specific words so that it will learn to associate the word or word with relieving themselves.

Rewarding the dog for the effort

The dog should be rewarded all the times it successfully relieves itself at the designated spot. The dog will be encouraged and will relieve itself at the place it is supposed to. They should be rewarded when they are still outside so that the dog knows it can only be rewarded after taking a piss or poop outside. One should ensure that the dog is done relieving itself before the reward is done.

Feeding schedule

The pet should be put on a regular feeding schedule. When they are on a regular feeding time, home training will be easy eventually. One can train the dog to relieve themselves after eating hence will associate eating with relieving themselves. The dog should be fed thrice or four times a day and should relieve themselves after each feeding time.

Pick the water dish before bedtime

This should be done some hours before bedtime. It will ensure that the dog does not have to relieve itself in the course of the night. If in any case that the dog will wake you up in the middle of the night, take it out to do its business but do not play with it.

Supervising the dog

One should never give the dog an opportunity to soil in the house. Always keep a keen eye on them when they are indoors. It will help prevent any soiling in the house.

Tethering the dog

The dog can be tethered on furniture when one is in the house. One should be keen to telltale signs that the dog wants to relieve itself. Some of these signs include pacing around, sniffing in circles, squatting and barking among others. Upon seeing such signs, one should grab the leash and take them outside to the designated relieving spot. Should the dog relieve itself successfully then it should be rewarded as well.